Omni 8-in-1 Lighter Tool/Grinder

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We've got to take our hats off to our new friends at Elevated Mechanics - the Omni is the ultimate Incredibowl companion. 

Made of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, the Omni adds a fantastic grinder design, a full set of bowl tools, a stash area, a screen holder, and a hemp wick to your standard lighter.

And our favorite part: it's designed to work perfectly with i420 and m420 Incredibowls.

The Omni features:

- A patented, durable design with a 5 year limited warranty
- A lever-action grinder to give you the best grind, no matter how much you cram in 
- 3 bowl tools
- A storage chamber for your smoke
- A replacement screen holder 
- A side-dispensing hemp wick spool 
- A mini Bic lighter slot


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