Cosmetically Imperfect i420 Smoking System

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Become a part of the family at a fraction of the cost with these Cosmetically Imperfect i420 Units. All of these i420s still come with our Lifetime Warranty ( The Serial Number on the CARB is the valid Serial Number in instances where the unit has more than one Serial Number. ) The i420 Standard comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, Polycarbonate Expansion Chamber, a large glass bowl, and a poker.. Colors are shipped at random while limited stock exists. ( Feel free to put your favorite color in the Order Notes and we'll do our best to provide. )

*Cosmetically Imperfect Units are units with tiny issues in anodize or lasering that, in our pursuit of perfection, deemed the unit unfit for retail sale. These units function 100% perfectly, so we wanted to offer them at a discount to people who otherwise couldn't reach the price point of a brand new unit. Due to the nature of these units, we cannot take color requests, and a random color will be chosen to ship from the limited stock.

This Product is covered under a lifetime warranty:

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