Meet the Incredibowl i420 and Mini m420

Change the way you smoke with the Incredibowl glass smoking bowls and pipes. With more than two dozen international awards, its time to try for yourself what makes the Incredibowl i420 and mini Incredibowl m420 so much better than any other smoking device out there. We have a passion for your passion, smoking, so we used that passion to create a glass-like smoking pipe that will outlast the rest. With features like the indestructible polycarbonate expansion chamber and annular purge carb, you'll get a smoking experience unlike any other, every time. The mini Incredibowl is perfect for travel and its compact size makes it easily adaptable to any smoking routine. The original i420 is what paved the way for our online pipe shop, with a large smoking bowl and shotgun style pipe, using design and physics to literally change the way you smoke.

Each style of our smoking bowls have available upgrades such as extended expansion chambers, trigger release systems, male stems, and more so you can customize your Incredibowl pipe the way you want it. All of our smoking systems come with a lifetime warranty, so any time you run into an issue or defect with your Incredibowls, just let us know.

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