Due to minor imperfections in the appearance of these i420 units, they are heavily discounted. they function 100% normal but you can get a discount i420 direct from incredibowl. i420 standard smoking system from incredibowl industries of boulder colorado. Our pipes are hand made with parts from Colorado. The i420 comes with a lifetime warranty.
i420 Standard - Cosmetically Imperfect Unit
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Incredibowl i420 Standard
Our Price: $139.99
m420 + GrassrootsxIncredibowl Hat Bundle
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Become a part of the family at a fraction of the cost with these Cosmetically Imperfect i420 Units. All of these i420s still come with our Lifetime Warranty ( The Serial Number on the CARB is the valid Serial Number in instances where the unit has more than one Serial Number. ) The i420 Standard comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, Polycarbonate Expansion Chamber, a large glass bowl, and a poker.. Colors are shipped at random while limited stock exists. ( Feel free to put your favorite color in the Order Notes and we'll do our best to provide. )

*Cosmetically Imperfect Units are units with tiny issues in anodize or lasering that, in our pursuit of perfection, deemed the unit unfit for retail sale. These units function 100% perfectly, so we wanted to offer them at a discount to people who otherwise couldn't reach the price point of a brand new unit. Due to the nature of these units, we cannot take color requests, and a random color will be chosen to ship from the limited stock.

This Product is covered under a lifetime warranty:
The i420 brings a list of world-class features to the table, using revolutionary engineering to provide smoother, cooler, easier hits, and our patented filtration method to filter dangerous tars, allowing the good stuff to pass through. Add to that the i420’s virtually indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why it wowed judges in Amsterdam. All models come with certificate of authenticity and lifetime warranty.

This Product is covered under a lifetime warranty:

Recommended Accessories include:
XL 10" Tube
XXL 22" Tube
Parts kit for extra bowls and screens

Save a ton in this m420 combo featuring our Limited Edition GrassrootsxIncredibowl hats!

Incredibowl Industries m420 smoking accessory Denver 2014 Cannabis Cup Winner Redibowl by Incredibowl Indusitires turns any 14mm bong into an incredibowl bong Buy replacement parts kit for the incredibowl m420. Incredibowl is hand made in Boulder, Colorado
Redibowl Ash Catcher
Our Price: $29.99
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A m420 Replacement Parts Kit
Our Price: $14.99
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The people asked for a way to take Incredibowl technology on the go, and we listened. With the same mind-blowing performance, patented filtration, rugged design, and simple cleaning as the i420, the m420 is the pocket-piece of choice for those who want to enjoy the full flavors and potency of their smoke.

This Product is covered under a lifetime warranty:
Winner of First Place Best Product at the 2014 Denver Cup! The Redibowl is an m420 attachment designed to fit into 14 mm water pipes. The patented design of the m420 acts as the perfect dry ash-catcher. Thanks to the screen within the m420, most materials will be blocked from entering the water.

This does not include an m420 head.

Find yourself in the need of an extra down stem for your Incredibowl m420? Tired of re-cleaning the same screens over and over? This m420 Replacement Kit contains 1 replacement bowl, 2 silicone mouth pieces, 5 screens, and 2 o-rings to cover all your m420 needs.

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m420 Replacement Glass Bowl
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